Good Morning, Ginni Thomas.

I just wanted to reach out and ask you to consider something . I would love you to consider the possibility that you might not really know, given the contradictions between your husband’s testimony and Anita Hill’s, which of the two of them was lying under oath back in 1991. Give it some thought, and try to understand why you’re choosing to act so certain about something you cannot be certain about. Women have misjudged their husbands before in this world, haven’t they? Especially when their husbands’ conduct toward other women is involved. Pray about this, and your desire to make a public spectacle of it again, and about the bitterness and anger you share with your husband. And ask yourself, about this and so many other things: if so many people consistently refuse to see the world your way—on matters of justice and policy and politics and history and fact—is it because they are selfish and perverse and willfully ignorant? Or might it be because they are right and you are wrong? OK, have a good day.

[* Correction: The original headline spelled “Ginni” with a Y.]