China Predicts the United States Will Reign Till at Least 2050

Unlike the

pro-Communist cheerleaders

at Citizens Against Government Waste, the People’s Republic of China is not willing to predict it will have surpassed the United States by 2030. According to China Daily, a report yesterday from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences more modestly claimed that

as of 2050, China will be “second only to the United States”

among world powers.

By then, according to the think tank, the United States’ advantage will reside mainly in areas such as “high-level talents,” education, and cultural influence. When it comes to economic performance, though, the report does support CAGW’s Chinese-triumphalist timeline:

The country has remained among the top five powerful nations with regard to economic growth since 1992 and is expected to overtake the United States to become the world’s largest economy by 2030, the report said.