Who Will Help the Robots? The New Robots!

Last week, in writing about using remote-controlled “telepresence” robots , the New York Times’ Nick Bilton described one weakness of the rollaround device he was using, the Texai:

Elevators’ confines are often awkward, and when we all piled inside to go to the cafeteria, it was even more uncomfortable as people silently peered out of the corners of their eyes at a man’s face displayed on a monitor atop a metal stick. (The robot has no arms, so I was dependent on their good will to push the elevator button.) 

Today, Bilton has an item about the release of that robot’s $400,000 younger sibling

This one was announced Wednesday by the same company that makes the Texai, and it is called the PR2. It’s a large robot that stands five feet tall and comes with arms, cameras and some pretty serious software.

Elevator problem solved! Human goodwill no longer necessary!