T Magazine Presents the Worst Cover Line in the History of Magazines

The new issue of T magazine, the New York Times’ fashion publication, arrived today. It is the men’s-fashion edition. It has a cover. The cover has a cover line. The cover line is:

Mad Men.

“Mad Men.” The most overexposed pop-culture cliche of the moment, stripped of even its nominal interest and meaning. It’s not Don Draper on the T cover; it’s Stephen Dorff, in pore-heightening black and white, with his tattooed wrist showing. He is male! He is edgy! Let’s see…”man”…”Wild Man”?…How about “madness”…Oh, hey! “Mad Men”!

Inside, for a bonus, someone also came up with “Plaid Men” as a headline.

Is this a prank? Did somebody at the magazine have a contest to see who could come up with the most humiliatingly stupid cover line, and they accidentally printed it? Or is this really how new T editor Sally Singer wants to announce her arrival? “Mad Men.”