Shitty Firefox Browser Refuses to Let Itself Be Called “Shitty”

I know, I know—don’t get mad at software or machines. There’s no point to it. Still. I recently switched to a beta version of the Firefox 4.0 browser because the 3-point-whatever version I was using would freeze and crash multiple times each day, which is a problem if you are trying to write things on the Internet for money.

Firefox 4.0 hangs and crashes just as much as the old Firefox did, but it also has some new bugs, to keep things interesting. The one that really gets my attention is when it refuses to allow typing in what appears to be the active field—you can move the cursor around, but you can’t modify the exiting text. This just happened when I tried to change a word in the previous sentence—I selected the text, typed, and nothing happened. (I’m writing in a pop-out HTML-editing window now.) 

Because this is a beta, it has a feedback feature, which invites you to select a smiley face or a frowny face and to tell the creators of Firefox about what is or isn’t working. I had already used the frowny face to send a polite notice about the no-typing problem. But when the cursor stopped responding again, while I was trying to rebuild a blog entry that I had lost in a hang-and-crash… I know they’re supposed to be a nice bunch of hippies, making a free product, which is fine, but enough is enough.

And so here is what you get if you use the frowny face to ask Firefox what the fuck is wrong with their shitty fucking browser:

Your comment contains swear words (fucking, fucking, fuck, shitty). In order to help us improve our products, please use words that help us create an action or to-do from your constructive feedback. Thanks!

Here’s a constructive to-do for you, Firefox: take your kindergarten-principal attitude, wrap it around your useless browser, and cram them both up your gosh-darned poop-hole.