Politico’s New Paradigm: Michael Kinsley Arguing With a Conservative

The Politico narrative is gathering momentum! Next month, America’s ever-growing publication of record for intangible and speculative political news will take the plunge into subjective journalism, with opinion columns by Joe Scarborough and Michael Kinsley . The New York Times reports:

Politico’s executive editor, Jim VandeHei, acknowledged how difficult it could be for pundits to break through in a news media environment that has become saturated. But he said he thought that Mr. Scarborough’s and Mr. Kinsley’s commentary was distinct and respected enough that it would speak to jaded readers. 


Initially, Mr. Scarborough and Mr. Kinsley will write once a week. But Mr. VandeHei said his intention was to have them engage in back-and-forth commentary on big news events like the State of the Union address

Thirty-one years ago, Joe Scarborough was named “Pat Buchanan” and this novel arrangement was called ” Crossfire .”

God bless Michael Kinsley, whose wanderings have included the founding of this website. But for a man whose signature work is the elegant skewering of bullshit, he sure does turn up in the middle of a lot of bullshit.