“Hard Knocks—Live!": The Reviews Are In

It’s not easy to make the transition from reality TV to a career in real life. Last night, the “New York Jets” of HBO’s Hard Knocks took their “football” show from pre-recorded cable to live television, with a 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Can you match the reviews to the critics?

1. “You’ve got to write a check you can cash, and starting 0-1 isn’t going to get you a Super Bowl.”

2. “That was a joke.”

3. “The offense stinks.”

4. “If I was the offensive coordinator, I’d blow my brains out.”

5. “There’s no excuse”

A. Gary Myers, Daily News

B. Andrew Weiss, The Jets Blog

C. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez

D. Ray Rice, Ravens running back

E. Rex Ryan, Jets coach

(Answers: 1. D , 2. E , 3. A , 4. B , 5. C .)