Fraud in High and Low Places: Chinese Airline Pilots, Proctologists Charged With Faking Credentials

An ongoing investigation into China’s aviation industry has found, according to the New York Times, that ” as many as 200 commercial pilots may have falsified their resumes in 2008 and 2009 .” Drawing on Chinese media reports, the Times writes that more than half of those pilots worked for Shenzhen Airlines, the parent company of Henan Airlines, which had a fatal crash last month when a plane landed short of a runway in Helongjiang Province.

And relays a Xinhua Daily Telegraph report of widespread fraud at Beijing’s famous and heavily advertised Dongda Hospital for Proctology and Intestine Disease, formerly and notoriously known in English as the “Dongda Hospital for Anus and Intestine Disease.” Among the findings:

· Fake Identity : The hospital’s   website   claims, “This institution is the only hospital under the administration of the Chaoyang District Health Department specializing in intestinal diseases….a survey has shown that 93% of intestinal disease patients believe that Dongda is Beijing’s best intestinal hospital.” However, Yang Hongyan, director medical administration for Chaoyang, told Xinhua, “That institution has never been one of our specialty hospitals. It is a private, for-profit hospital.”

· Fake Specialists : Reporters checked the CV of the head of proctology, who claims to have worked in several major Beijing hospitals. None of them have any record of him working there.

An anonymous doctor who formerly worked at the hospital told Xinhua that doctors with less medical experience but better upselling skills would do procedures under another doctor’s name:

“On many occasions, a patient who had already been given anesthetic would discover that the lead surgeon was not the ‘famous doctor’ from the ad, and they’d make a fuss and want to file a report. Then I’d immediately come in to save the day and solve things by doing the surgery.”