Did James J. Lee Prove Something or Other?

It’s pretty easy to get political about this thing that happened in Silver Spring. I went around the Internet to see what people thought, and, one click away from a famous conservative commentator’s coverage, I came across this :

Look for all the so called ‘top’  conservatives to say “he’s a lone ranger” and so on so that they hope liberals will extend the courtesy when a lone nut right winger does something nutty on their own nuttiness, but they won’t in a millennium, so I’m not going to either .

My feelings today knowing what we know about Obama and his friends who include domestic terrorist William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn,  I’d go as far to say that nearly EVERY domestic terrorist in the modern American era besides Eric Rudolph, Tim McVieh, his partner Terri Nichols and some very sad and obscure David Duke types are either liberals, Muslims or converted African American Muslims.

That left me trying to even think of who our notable modern domestic terrorists are if you leave off Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh—John Allen Muhammad, obviously, and I guess he’s still counting the Weathermen or something? Sacco and Vanzetti? It seems he skipped all the folks besides Rudolph who bomb abortion clinics and murder doctors. But it did make me stop looking for more political commentary.

Should I be trying to seize the Terror Victim High Ground? Growing up in the less tony parts of Maryland, I never expected that Montgomery County would be where savagery would come closest to the surface. But I lived right in the middle of John Allen Muhammad’s shooting gallery when that was going on. And then I moved out of downtown Silver Spring less than two months ago.

I used to take my world-overpopulating toddler into the Discovery headquarters lobby to watch the giant mechanical contraption there that sends balls bouncing and spinning on various loops and drops and traps. Now they will probably institute some kind of security lockdown so you can’t even get to the machine. Thanks for making it less fun for people to raise their filthy, planet-despoiling offspring, James J. Lee.

Mostly, though, what’s there to say? James J. Lee’s political position was too esoteric to have fun playing football with. A radical environmentalist who decides that the crisis is best understood as a Manichean struggle between Good, represented by Al Gore’s movie, and Evil, represented by the Discovery Channel—well, for someone who wanted to inspire a global movement, Lee had maybe dug a little too rigorously into the nuances of his own personal logic-space. He was the Armond White of ecoterrorism.

In other news, spanning the weekend, in upstate New York, three more isolated individuals, working together , committed a string of abusive and violent acts that coincidentally happened to affect Muslims. “It’s just kids doing stupid things,” the New York Times quoted the district attorney as saying, “but it got more serious when they ran into a member of the mosque and they discharged a weapon.”