Czarp! Caricatured Invasive Species Now Has Caricatured White House Official to Fight It

The “Asian carp,”  which is not really a species of fish, now has its very own “White House czar,” which is not really a job title. John Goss, the director of the Indiana Wildlife Federation, was named head of the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee. The Detroit Free Press wrote:

No other invasive species has its own White House-level director, the Obama administration said. There hasn’t been such a concentrated effort to attack a species since 1955, when the binational Great Lakes Fishery Commission was set up to control sea lamprey.

Again, the animals being referred to as Asian carp are not “a species,” but at least two species, of different sizes and habits. The White House czars are likewise a grab-bag of executive appointments, lumped together in a made-up category for the sake of convincing people that they are proliferating out of control .