Anti-Monkey Security Force, Made Up of Bigger Monkeys, Deploys at Commonwealth Games

To protect athletes at the upcoming Commonwealth Games from Delhi’s rampaging troops of rhesus macaques, the city has

added 10 langur monkeys to its monkey security squad

, bringing the total to 38.

Male Hanuman langurs weigh about 40 pounds, while male rhesus monkeys are 17 pounds. The smaller monkeys, though capable of vicious attacks on humans,

avoid the larger ones


AFP, reporting on the mobilization, gives some history of the macaque problem:

In 2007, the deputy mayor of New Delhi died from a fatal fall after being attacked by a group on the terrace of his home.


Delhi edition of the games

—a quadrennial competition for current and former member countries of the British Empire—has reportedly been plagued by last-minute problems, including the

collapse of a footbridge meant for spectators

and the discovery of a

deadly cobra inside the tennis stadium

. And with the games officially opening on Sunday, the New York Times reports, Delhi is following the tradition of international sports-event host cities and

erecting signs as barriers to hide slums from view