Shrine to Western Decadence Planned at Ground Zero: Conde Nast Wants to Move to New World Trade Center

Just as Lower Manhattan was preparing to wholeheartedly embrace Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law , the New York Times is reporting that Conde Nast—publisher of depraved pornographic magazines such as Vogue, the New Yorker, and Architectural Digest—is in negotiations to lease new headquarters in 1 World Trade Center , the project previously known as the Freedom Tower:

[T]wo executives, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the pending deal, said that Condé Nast would take up to one million square feet in the 2.6 million-square-foot skyscraper.

This might seem to place the “Ground Zero Mosque” within the context of diversified redevelopment—reminding people outside New York that Lower Manhattan is an ongoing rebuilding project in a busy city, where many different kinds of institutions can thrive side by side. It suggests that the city is a real place, with a past and a future, rather than a static backdrop for ideological puppet-theater shows put on by people who don’t even live there. 

Eh, what fun is that? Let’s say it’s yet another attempt by America-haters to insult the victims of 9/11. The coastal media elites and their summer interns will traipse lightly into the office, worrying about hemlines and punctuation, on the actual ground where American heroes died. Hang on, that’s more than 140 characters. Stay off Ground Zero Anna Wintour! 9/11 is the September Issue 4 ALL REAL AMERICANS. There.