New York Times Discovers Fashionable Alternative to Manbags: “The Backpack”

Things! Men have them, and they need to be carried. Possibly an iPad? Some sunscreen. Battery chargers. Identification. A bottle of water. If the men were women, they could put these things in their purses. But men are not women. A nice bag with one strap is a purse, really, isn’t it? Even if you try to butch or prole it up by calling it a ” messenger bag .” And purses, as everyone knows , are vaginas. What to do? T magazine, the New York Times’ fashion publication, has your answer :

A perfect, casual counterpoint to the borrowed-from-the-ladies man bags of recent years, the backpack was seen harnessed all over the fall runways, in both familiar interpretations (Louis Vuitton and Buckler rediscovered the expedition-worthy rucksack) and new ones (Prada’s acidic camouflage, for starters). Here, we offer two approaches in introducing one to your dress: either as a Japanese street-wear take on Americana or a nod to the backpack’s athletic past (complemented by the aforementioned sweat shirt — now with short sleeves! — and an elevated track pant).

Carry your things in…a bag made for carrying things! With two straps, one for each brawny shoulder. Lanvin makes one for $1,795, according to the Times. (Vogue says it’s $1,693 .) It looks nice and roomy. You can probably fit your $220 ax into it, if you leave the end of the painted handle sticking out.