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What’s That Thing on the Bottom of Slate?

Introducing the Meebo bar.

You may have noticed a new bar at the bottom of your screen when you’re browsing Slate blogs and articles. It’s called the Meebo bar, and it’s going to make it easier for you to share your favorite Slate content with your social network. To Digg, Stumble, or “like” a page on Facebook, just click on the appropriate buttons on the bar. If you’d like to share an article on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, or Google Buzz, or if you’d like to e-mail it to a friend, click on “Share Page,” and the icons will appear. It’s not just articles that are sharable. If you love the photograph of Barack Obama walking his dog or an illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty, simply drop and drag: Click on the image and drag it to whatever service you want to use to share.

The Meebo bar will also allow you to instant-message while you click around Slate. Simply navigate to “Chat With Friends,” and you can sign into your favorite chat service: AIM, Facebook Chat, MySpace Chat, Google Talk, and Meebo’s own IM client are all available on the bar.

If you don’t like the Meebo bar, it’s simple to hide. Just navigate to the bottom right-hand corner and click on the down-pointing caret. The bar will disappear and won’t appear on Slate again unless you clear your cookies.

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