“I’m Pat Gosh-Darn Tillman!": War Documentary Gets R for Bad Words

The Wrap reports that the Motion Picture Association of America rejected an appeal from the makers of the documentary The Tillman Story, who were asking that the movie’s R rating, given for bad language, be changed to PG-13:

The ruling came exactly one week after the award-winning Holocaust documentary “A Film Unfinished” also lost in its attempt to have its “R” changed to a “PG-13.”

Both films appealed on the grounds that their subject matter made them historically important documents that deserved to be shown in schools and viewed by teens who might not have access if the films were released with “R” ratings.

The working title of The Tillman Story was ” I’m Pat Fucking Tillman ,” which was the last thing the Cardinals safety turned Army Ranger said before being killed by friendly fire. The MPAA, like the Army , found the details of the incident unsuitable for general audiences.