Fire That Hippie Larry Summers, Says John Boehner in Speech

How to kill time arguing about politics while waiting for the next round of primary elections to happen? House minority leader John Boehner obliged by Positioning Himself as a National Leader with a speech that was conveniently pre-distributed, pre-attacked, and pre-counterattacked before he went to the trouble of pushing the words out of his mouth at some ungodly early hour this morning in Cleveland, a city inhabited by none of the 163,000 people who chose John Boehner to vote for legislation on their behalf.

In the speech, or the “speech,” Boehner declared that it was time for Obama to sack his entire economic team, because the members are not sensitive enough to the needs of business. To repudiate the whole misguided idea of “government-as-community-organizer,” Lawrence Summers needs to resign as the head of the National Economic Council, to be replaced with someone who has a closer relationship with the private sector, such as perhaps an actual stock-ticker machine.