Even Brett Favre Cannot Fathom Brett Favre Anymore

Will Brett Favre re-re-re-unretire and join the Minnesota Vikings again? Let’s see if the official website of Brett Favre can help us untangle the Hattiesburg Uncertainty Principle. There it is, under Top News: Favre Press Conference to come Wednesday . Looks like Official Brett Favre dot Com is going with a reprint

The official press conference will be after practice Wednesday in which Favre will announce is coming back for another season. But you have to take all Favre news with a bit of caution as we have heard faulty reports before. A while back, we heard that Favre sent text messages to his teammates stating that he would retire. That report proved to be inaccurate . But with Favre flying into Minnesota, this should be the end to this summer’s Favre retirement story.

One thing is for certain though: If he does return, we’ll know that ‘Favre Watch 2011’ will be a guarantee.