Lying About Lying: Andrew Breitbart Says His Fraudulent Attack Video Was “Misconstrued” as an Attack

Race-baiting fraud artist Andrew Breitbart , who got USDA official Shirley Sherrod fired by publishing a video falsely accusing her of racism, has told NBC that the media “made this about her.”  

“And I feel bad that they made this about her,” Breitbart said.

Here is the onscreen text introducing the video that Breitbart published on his Big Government Web site:

On July 25, 2009 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack appointed Shirley Sherrod as Georgia Director of Rural Development

USDA Rural Development spends over $1.2 Billion in the State of Georgia each year.

On March 27, 2010, while speaking at the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet …

Ms. Sherrod admits that in her federally appointed position, overseeing over a billion dollars …

She discriminates against people due to their race.

“The media has misconstrued the intention behind this,” Breitbart said. Those reckless media ! By identifying a federal employee by name and saying she practices racist malfeasance in the course of her official duties—a completely false claim—he was not trying to attack the official and get her fired.

No, you see, Breitbart’s real point was that by hosting Sherrod’s speech—a speech that was about why racism is bad and how important it is for black people and white people to work together—the NAACP demonstrated that it was a racist organization. At one point, when Sherrod told about how once, long ago, when she did not work for the government, she had resented a white farmer who came to her for help, some of the audience members chuckled.

This is basically the same as spitting in someone’s face, or hanging a white person from a tree and setting his or her body on fire, if you are Andrew Breitbart.

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