LeBron James Saturation Watch: Now Mitch Albom Wants Mitch Albom to Shut Up

Mitch Albom, our nation’s Thomas Kinkade of word-painting, is so pig-biting mad about the excessive coverage of LeBron James , he devoted an entire column to the subject:

Here’s a question: What if not a single story had been reported about LeBron since the day he crapped out of the playoffs? And tonight he released a one-sentence statement on which team he’d chosen? How would things be any different?

Interesting question! It comes at the end of the column, after 750 words recounting all the stages of LeBron’s free-agent courtship to demonstrate how tired Mitch Albom is of the whole story.

Mitch Albom cannot stand it when people write about stuff before it actually happens

Also, Mitch Albom has some advice for LeBron James, who has said he plans to give some of the money from his TV special to charity:

You want to give to charity, quietly write a check.