Even Bill Simmons Wants Bill Simmons to Shut Up

Now that it is actually possible for some team to sign LeBron James to a new contract, ESPN’s Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, has something to say to all members of the yapping sports media:

I’m tired of wondering where LeBron, Wade, Nowitzki and everyone else will land. I’m even more tired of people reporting about things that might happen, could happen or seem likely to happen. Just tell me when they happen. Thanks.

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And his Twitter feed ?

Our pal Windhorst is killing it at @ PDcavsinsider w/ running updates about LBJ’s meetings. Think he’s hiding in LeBron’s guest bathroom.

Breaking news, no joking around: Just found out where LeBron and Bosh are going. So it looks like they’re both getting max contracts with th

Over. I predict July 14th (day of ESPYs, no sports going on) and Chicago. RT @ LScott285 : over/under July 8th when LBJ commits?

16 hours until NBA D-Day. Hey @ dmorey - are you going to show up at Marcin Gortat’s house at 12:01am again? It’s tradition!

Full episode of our ESPN/NBA Free Agent Summit (LeBatard, Tony K, Wilbon & me) now online:

48 hrs ago: had LeBron at +125 to sign w/ Bulls. Bosh was +300. Now? They’re both -500. Hmmmmmm.

No wonder he’s tired! Next week: the Sports Guy comes out against incompetent NFL picks and the overuse of analogies comparing sports figures to porn stars .