Airport Security Cameras Resolve Dispute Involving Airport Security Guard

The Transportation Security Administration detained a 63-year-old man at the Indianapolis airport after he had complained about the slowness of the security screening, but failed to arrest him once surveillance video showed that he had not shoved a TSA officer. The Indianapolis Star reports that Richard Bellows complained to “behavioral detection officer” Jamie Wilmot that five TSA screeners were “loafing,” then later brushed past Wilmot. The officer believed that Bellows had deliberately pushed him, but supervisors reviewing the video concluded otherwise:

After watching replays of the brush/push from four different camera angles and doing a warrant check on Bellows, the officials decided that it was not threatening enough for an arrest.

See? It’s not as if the airport-security system is completely unreasonable and overbearing. Oh, wait: 

But they told Bellows he couldn’t fly out Tuesday and would have to leave Wednesday. And when he came back he would be interviewed again, with further action still possible.