What Looks Worst for Al Gore? The Al Gore Defenders.

I have no idea what to make of the assault claims against Al Gore. The Talking Points Memo summary of the police-report narrative lurches from the all-too-plausible-sounding (“pleading for release of his second chakra”) to stuff that sounds like a particularly over-the-top South Park script ("He put on ‘Dear Mr. President’ by P!nk”).

The comments from the Talking Points readership, though, are anything but confusing. They are a textbook presentation of the evil, stupid things people always say in defense of rapists:

alyoshakaramazov She was treated like that and then remained ALONE in the room with a violent man in order to finish the massage?

Sounds like a load of horse shit. Check if the woman is in sudden need of lots of cash.

mans_best_friend So after two years of trying to squeeze Gore for money she decides to make a statement to the police? Bit of an odor coming from this 

HusseinTenaX Let me just add here: Al Gore is a man of importance and power and you can’t tell me he doesn’t have his own bunch of political groupies who would give it up to him in a second. In other words, he doesn’t have to fight some 54 year old masseuse to get laid.

I know at least 3 women who have such crushes on him, they’d fight each other for the chance.

rb6 The biggest problem is the delay in reaching out to the police. It makes it virtually impossible to corroborate aspects of the story – for instance, at one point there might have been videotape that validated the timing, when she arrived and when she left, and even her appearance or demeanor as she was leaving. That surely must have been taped over by now. Likewise, the hotel staff might have noticed if she seemed upset or disheveled as she left but that kind of evidence probably won’t count for much if it isn’t developed four years after the event.

xargaw Another media whore looking for face time on some sleazy tabloid show.

She should have left. She should have reported it to the police right away. She’s a whore. She’s an ugly old whore, and someone as important as Al Gore wouldn’t need to have sex with her. She’s looking for money. She’s looking for attention.

These are the readers of a liberal website? Again: I have no idea what happened. And neither do any of these people.

We could have a conversation all day long about the problem of balancing the rights of the accused with deference to the particular problems of rape victims. I would not always end up on the side of feminism in that discussion. But this is disgusting