Tiger Kills Zoo Visitor for Ignoring Fine Print

A 45-year-old man was killed and his 17-year-old son was injured after they wandered into an exhibit where tigers roam loose at the Xi’an Qinling Wild Zoo. According to China Daily , the surviving teenager—who had just taken the gaokao, China’s high-stakes college-admissions exam —said the two had followed a vehicle though a gate, not realizing they were entering a vehicles-only zone. They were then attacked by a “3-year-old male tiger.”

Besides the gates, the zoo expected a printed warning on its tickets to protect visitors from the big cats:

“Visitors who want to see wild beasts, such as tigers and lions, musttake safety vehicles provided by the zoo. The regulation is printed on the backof the tickets,” [zoo general manager Shen Guancheng] said.

He said every visitor to the zoo should read the instructions on the ticketbefore starting their tour.