The Vapors: Rasmussen Poll Rescues President Obama From Oil Spill

A new Rasmussen poll claims that the ongoing decline of President Barack Obama’s political fortunes—documented last week in front-page coverage about his damaged image and perceived loss of brand value—is not accompanied by any shift in public opinion toward the president.

Despite a major industrial disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and reports of conventional political machinations in party primaries, Rasmussen says:

During the first full week in June, the president earned approval from 46% of the nation’s likely voters. That’s right where it’s been for months. In fact, the president’s full-month approval ratings have been at 46% or 47% for six consecutive months from December through May. 

The poll also finds that Democrats strongly support of the performance of President Obama, a Democrat, while the opposition Republican Party strongly opposes him.

Only one constituency, Rasmussen says, has noticeably changed its view of the president’s performance during the recent news reports about his shortcomings: 

For the week ending June 5, the Rasmussen Reports Media Meter shows that just 39% of references to the president were positive. That’s down from 60% shortly after passage of the new health care law.