The Vapors: Ari Fleischer Finds Obama Calm and In Control

Still unable to stop the BP oil leak, and beset by other problems, President Barack Obama saw another of his failings brought to light over the weekend: the Washington Post’s “Politics Digest” noted that the president “has never addressed the nation from the Oval Office.”

Because President Obama has not given any speeches from the Oval Office, writer Michael D. Shear notes, it would be significant if he were to give an Oval Office speech now. The president has no current plans to make such a speech, according to his communications director.

For analysis of what it would mean for Obama to give such a speech, which the president is not giving, Shear turns to former Bush Administration press secretary Ari Fleischer:

Doing so, said Ari Fleischer, who served as press secretary to President George W. Bush, might suggest that the administration “is scrambling and in crisis mode” and could make Obama seem “out of control.” 

At first glance, this might seem like a gratuitous opportunity for an opposition-party loyalist to score points by disparaging the Obama Administration’s performance. But Ari Fleischer is now in business as a sports publicist .

A sports hypothetical gets tested by actual results. If LeBron James beats Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals, LeBron is the greatest player alive. If Obama gives an Oval Office speech, Obama is scrambling and out of control.

LeBron James is watching the Finals on TV, so he must not be the greatest player alive. Obama is not giving this imaginary speech, so things must be going fine for the administration, after all.