Spoiled Children’s Shopping Guide: How Much Star Wars Does Your Moppet Need?

Pottery Barn Kids is currently selling a piece of Star Wars “wall art”: a picture of X-wing fighters battling TIE fighters in space near the Death Star, with flashing LEDs embedded to trace path of the laser blasts. It costs $299 .

Or you could save about 90 bucks by just buying a flat-screen TV with built-in DVD player for $179.99 and the original Star Wars trilogy for $29.49 and playing the movie itself on continuous loop in your kid’s room.

(Pottery Barn Kids has also slashed prices on its pink retro toy kitchen collection . Now you can buy a toy stove and toy kitchen sink combination for $489. Or you can go get a real kitchen sink, a faucet , and a working electric range for a total of $375.67.)