New Yorker Fiction Editor: New Yorker Audit Finds New Yorker Was Only 80 Percent Effective at Identifying Top New Fiction Talent

New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman is online right now , using that spectacularly irritating tappity-tap -noise-making “Cover It Live” interface to field questions about how the magazine came up with its ” 20 Under 40 List ” of North America’s top young fiction writers (some of whom are married to each other ):

3:50 Comment from LAH

Did you only include writers who you’ve published?

3:50 Deborah Treisman:

No, four of the writers on the list had not been published in the magazine before.

Also Treisman has been reassuring readers that Zadie Smith is still in the magazine’s good graces; it’s just that Smith is not North American.