Lemurs Discover Soccer, Books, Liberty

Not content with teaching our eventual successors, the robots, to play soccer , humans are also celebrating the World Cup by inflicting the sport on our lower primate cousins. The ring-tailed lemur troop at the Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire has been given soccer balls and a red card to play with, the Coventry Telegraph website reported.

Ring-tailed lemurs are highly sociable and they reproduce well in captivity. They are generally uninterested in using tools and show less elaborate cognitive skills than monkeys or apes do.

Earlier this month, a pair of young adult male ring-tailed lemurs escaped from the Duke University Lemur Center and wandered around Durham, North Carolina, for a day and a half, apparently in a futile search for female lemurs. They were recaptured inside the school library of Cresset Christian Academy.

No similar escapes of humanoid robots have been reported yet.