Jenny Holzer Sneakers Say “I SPENT 35 EXTRA BUCKS”

Very Serious Artist Jenny Holzer is putting words on sneakers , the Times reports:

Ms. Holzer agreed to be the first artist to design a pair of Keds sneakers in a project to benefit the Whitney Museum of American Art . “Protect Me From What I Want,” a line from her 1980s “Survival” series, was printed on canvas for versions of black-and-white high-tops ($75) and low-tops ($70), to be sold starting July 8 at Bloomingdale’s.

Plain, non-artistic low-tops sell for $35 on the Keds website. So for the cost of Holzer merch, you could buy a second pair of Keds, staple them to the first pair, and walk around with something truly avant garde on your feet.