Alt-Tablets: iPad-Knockoff Industry Boots Up

If Apple’s troubles with the existing iPad factory weren’t enough, now it’s time to start worrying about other factories making other iPads. Via CNN Go , reports on China’s emerging ersatz-iPad manufacturing technology :

If you still needed proof that Chinese-made iPad clones were about to start raining down from the sky, I think this qualifies.

Devices based on this new shell are designed to feature a 10 inch screen rather than Apple’s 9.7 incher, but without picking bones here, it kinda makes sense as 10” displays are far more common and more abundant in the industry than 9.7” varieties. The magnesium alloy chosen for the material of the shell also makes sense, offering decent heat resistance and a feel that is far more in keeping with what Apple have done with the iPad, offering something that is fairly light and robust.