A Decade Looking Back

Tell Slate about your political memories.

How will we remember the 2000s? What were the high and low points? Who were the heroes and villains? Already, our impressions and perspectives have changed. Foreign affairs, an afterthought in 2000, exploded in 2001 and dominated the decade until the economic collapse of 2008. The war in Iraq looked good in 2003, then bad in 2006, then better again in 2008.

To find out how our perceptions have evolved, we’d like your help with a short interactive experiment. We’ve selected some notable political moments from the last decade, going back to 1999. We’d like to show you four of them (the exact assortment will vary from person to person) and ask how you felt about them at the time and how you look at them today. Your answers will be anonymous unless you tell us otherwise. To begin the experiment, click the link below.

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