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DoubleX Is Back on Slate!

Slate’s site for women has returned.

In November we announced that DoubleX would move back into Slate. As of today, we’ve officially rejoined the mothership. We’ll continue to edit DoubleX, and our fantastic writers and bloggers are coming with us.

The “XX Factor” blog will continue in much the same form, at Our articles will now appear on Slate’stable of contents, under the header “Today in Slate.” You’ll know they’re DoubleX fare because they will have our icon next to their headlines. You’ll also be able to find DoubleXcontent on our blog page: A box in the right rail will feature links to our most recent articles, and we will also promote them on the blog. Eventually, we will be rolling out a robust and c­ozy landing page within Slate, where we’ll be able to feature our articles and our archives prominently. For the time being, if you’re looking for old DoubleX articles, you can find them through a Web search (Google, Bing, etc). Your bookmarks from the URL will still be live. The archives will be ported over to Slate soon.

One of the best things about having our own site has been your smart, insightful comments, and we hope that you’ll continue the conversation with us. The comments for our XX Factor blog will work the same way they did when we lived at You can access them at the bottom of each post where it says “add new comment.” You’ll be prompted to log in. You can also comment on our articles in the Fray and via Slate’s new commenting system when it launches later this week. For more on that new commenting system, click here.

Become part of the DoubleX community by following us on Twitter or joining our fan page on Facebook. We’re going to continue our biweekly podcast, the DoubleX Gabfest. Our fan page for the Gabfest is here. We are thrilled that we can keep bringing you the DoubleX take on the news that interests us as women—the things we’re talking about with our friends over coffee and imagine you are, too. Thanks for reading.