This Week’s Bidenisms

Collecting the vice president’s gaffes and head-slappers.

Joe Biden

The vice president did not produce any new Bidenisms this week, but a 2006 interview with GQ has provided us with an emergency supply. Please continue to send your nominations (with a link, please) to For more, and our stab at a definition, see “The Complete Bidenisms.”

“[Tom Delay] hasn’t talked to members of his family in I don’t know how many years. The next Republican that tells me I’m not religious, I’m gonna shove my rosary beads down their throat!”—Interview with GQ, March 2006

“Will we make a mistake? Yes. I’m confident. That’s why my sister got this idea: Whenever I say something that’s totally original, I’ll say, ‘As my father would say,’ or ‘As my grandfather would say,’ or somebody—when I know it’s me!“—Describing his gaffe-evasion strategy for the 2008 presidential campaign during an interview with GQ, March 2006

“Like, ‘Joe? Goddammit. Stand UP. Stand up.’ I gotta take a leak. …”—Interrupting himself while telling a parable about football and politics during an interview with GQ, March 2006