This Week’s Bidenisms

Collecting the vice president’s gaffes and head-slappers.

Vice President Joe Biden

The vice president produced two fresh Bidenisms this week. Please continue to send your nominations (with a link, please) to For more, and our stab at a definition, see “The Complete Bidenisms.”

“Well, look, I don’t…Who cares what… Well, let me put it maybe… Yeah, yeah, I know. I can see the headline now. I’m getting better, guys. I’m getting a little bit better, you know what I mean?”—Responding to a question about his thoughts on former Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism of the administration in an interview with the Washington Times, Prague, Czech Republic, Oct. 23, 2009

 “Imagine when this factory, when the floor we’re standing on right now is making 100,000 plug-in hybrid sedan, coupes, and crossovers every single year.”—Inadvertently disclosing Fisker Automotive’s previously unrevealed plans to produce plug-in hybrids during a visit to the manufacturer’s new assembly plant, Wilmington, Del., Oct. 27, 2009.