How to deal with an inconvenient Nixon tapes release.

Charles Colson

White House Special Counsel Charles Colson: Dick [Scammon] and I are going to do a paper for you on this, Mr. President, before I leave just to get all these [ inaud ] because Scammon believes that the number’s on our side, if we keep the economy in balance, he says, just keep the economy a nonpolitical issue. The number’s on our side. You’ve got on the other side a coalition of labor, blacks, and poor, but the labor you’ve broken away, so [they’ve] got the blacks and the poor.

President Richard Nixon: And the intellectuals.

Colson: And the intellectuals, the New Left, and he said that—

Nixon: Including Republican intellectuals, like [?] Duggan.

Colson: Republican intellectuals [inaud]. And as Dick says, the lavender shirt mob, the, what he calls the New Left, the homos and queers. And he says that’s the bunch that now make up the Democratic Party, and he said the more they, Democrats, have to cater to the blacks and to the poor, and the New Left, the more [they] are driving large numbers of the middle class [away].

Colson sizes up the Democratic opposition on the eve of Nixon’s second inauguration in 1973. Tape recording of phone conversation made public by the Nixon Library on June 23, 2009. Mentioned in Los Angeles Times storyon June 24, 2009.

Dear Friends:

For untold thousands of American prisoners, the threat and horror of rape is an every-day reality. But thanks in large part to the hard work of Prison Fellowship and other organizations, there is a ray of hope.

Yesterday, the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Commission released a groundbreaking report with recommendations on how the states and federal government can put an end to this scourge on our nation’s honor.

Please watch a special video by Charles Colson that he recorded for Prison Fellowship and BreakPoint supporters. Chuck explains how critical the commission’s findings are, and how Prison Fellowship—and you, through your support—played such a key role.

Thank you.

—Press release e-mailed June 24, 2009, by Prison Fellowship, a Christian group founded by Colson that ministers to prisoners and ex-prisoners.