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Introducing Charlie Rose on Slate

New daily videos from the PBS host.

Slate is pleased to announce a new video partnership with Charlie Rose, host of the long-running PBS interview program.

Every weekday, Slate and our video magazine, Slate V, will present excerpts from the most recent Charlie Rose show, meaning we’ll bring you some of the most interesting thinkers, artists, politicians, scientists, and business people alive today.

To kick things off, we’ve collected a small sampling of interviews from the Charlie Rose archives, excerpts that demonstrate the caliber of guests you’ll be seeing in the coming months. Here you can watch discussions with the late William F. Buckley, Warren Buffett, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Steve Martin, Helen Mirren, Salman Rushdie, Jerry Seinfeld, Bruce Springsteen, Ted Turner, and Neil Young.

And here’s another example: On Sunday, Robert Draper published a much-discussed piece in the New York Times Magazine about the many reinventions of John McCain’s campaign. The article mentions a certain interview as pivotal in bringing a little-known Alaska governor to the attention of McCain’s top staff:

One tape in particular struck [campaign manager Rick] Davis as arresting: an interview with [Sarah] Palin … on “The Charlie Rose Show” that was shown in October 2007.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview that, regardless of your view of Palin, altered the course of the 2008 campaign (notice how she says she’s still undecided in the GOP primary contest and how she demonstrates her now-legendary ability to turn every question back toward her favorite issue, energy):

So, keep an eye on Slate V to see the best of Charlie Rose every day. And for much more, including full-length episodes, check out