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Billions for the Taking

Friday, Sept. 19, 2008

Explainer: How Do You Pull $85 Billion out of a Hat?
The federal government announced this week it would bail out insurance giant AIG. So where does the government get a spare $85 billion? Samantha Henig has the answer. Listen  to the segment.

Summary Judgment: Cowboys and Ghosts Make a Comeback
Ed Harris’ new film, Appaloosa, and the supernatural comedy Ghost Town are drawing gentle praise, reports Mark Jordan Legan. It’s less clear if Lakeview Terrace is worth the price of admission. Listen  to the segment.


Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008

The Big Money: Did Greed Cause Markets To Tumble?
After the huge drop in the U.S. market Monday, markets in Europe and Asia tumbled as well. First, Madeleine Brand speaks with Henry Blodget, a former analyst for Merrill Lynch, about what he sees as a culture of greed on Wall Street. Then, Alex Cohen talks with James Ledbetter about why he thinks the government should have bailed out Lehman Bros. And finally, Madeleine Brand speaks with Motley Fool senior analyst Bill Barker about what the turmoil on Wall Street means for those of us who are not investment bankers or stock brokers. Listen to the segment.

Politics: Why the Economy Might Benefit McCain
When asked which party can best handle the economy, voters give Democrats a 20-point advantage over Republicans. Consequently, the timing of the Wall Street collapse would seem to boost Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s popularity. Not so, according to John Dickerson. Listen to the segment.