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Big Box Office

Friday, Sept. 5, 2008

Summary Judgment: A Record Summer for Movies
Despite economic woes, domestic ticket sales topped a record $4 billion this summer. Mark Jordan Legan caught up with a few moviegoers to see what they enjoyed about their cinematic experience. Food prices weren’t part of it. Listen to the segment.

Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008

XX Factor: Welcome Back Culture Wars?
Sarah Palin came out swinging last night in what’s been argued as the biggest speech of her life. She delivered it well, but it was a “small speech,” says XX Factor blogger Dahlia Lithwick. Like Ann Coulter, Lithwick argues, Palin is cashing in on the ability of pretty women to say mean things. Fellow blogger Rachael Larimore tells Alex Chadwick that Palin strikes her as “a quick learner.” Listen  to the segment.

What’s Up, Doc?: Angioplasty Useful Only in Emergencies
For people in the middle of a heart attack, angioplasty is a life saver. The treatment is also used for nonemergency heart disease. A new study found that the treatment is not very useful for these nonurgent cases. Dr. Sydney Spiesel discusses the findings with Alex Chadwick. Listen  to the segment.

Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008

XX Factor: Assessing Sarah Palin
The Sarah Palin story is like a marathon on Lifetime Television, say XX Factor bloggers Dahlia Lithwick and Rachael Larimore. In other words, it’s engaging, dramatic, and personal … but should it be national news? Perhaps not, but when a personal story is more dramatic than a political record, it’s inevitable, they say. Listen to the segment.