So far, the security here at Xcel has been a tight seal. Butjust as McCain starts to speak, a young many on a balcony unfurls a sign—”McCainVotes Against Vets”—and starts yelling. “Ask McCain about his voting record,”he shouts.

The crowd turns to look and drowns him out with a round of “USA! USA!” (Hechants along with them.) Security guards are trying to reach him, but he’s allthe way in a corner. Instead, an RNC volunteer reaches out, snags his sign, andtears it up.

Police finally persuade the guy to leave his perch.

Now others in the audience are yelling. Men with “Law Enforcement” tags are roaming the aisles.

Update 11:48 p.m.: The American Prospect ‘s Dana Goldstein got an interview with the heckler.