Breaking! Barack Obama Is Normal.

Barack Obama’s campaign has gone to great lengths to show that its candidate is just a regular guy. In Pennsylvania, his bowling performance drew more scrutiny than his health care plan. In North Carolina, he pointedly sipped a PBR with locals. Now he’s proving he’s just a normal dad who goes to his daughter’s soccer games.

There’s something bizarre about watching a presidential nominee in a setting so familiar to any modern American parent. You could just as easily imagine him loading up the Dodge Caravan and swinging by the Taco Bell—rather than ducking out for a campaign meeting, as he did.

Note, though, that this wasn’t a big media availability. The footage is paparazzi-esque and it comes from the Associated Press, not the big networks. If Obama had wanted to make a big show, the event would have been more camera-friendly.

Watch to the end, where Michelle pummels Barack. Will the slap fight be the new fist bump?