Last Word on the Popular Vote (Hopefully)

With Montana and South Dakota reporting, Clinton netted 3,000 votes tonight, accordingto RealClear Politics . That hardly changes her argument that she’s winning thepopular vote. You still have to count Michiganto make that case.

But you might have noticed that her overall number went from” 17 million ” a couple ofdays ago to “18 million” today. That bounce came from Puerto Rico, which bumpedher up from 17.4 million (counting Michigan)to 17.7 million. Round that bad boy up!

Update 12:59 a.m.: A reader points out that the numbers aren’t all in just yet. I’ll update the item when they are.

Update 8:51 a.m.: As expected, new numbers . Obama nets about 9,000 votes from the two states’ totals. And now Clinton actually breaks 18 million, if you count Michigan and the caucus states that didn’t officially report popular votes.