“Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 0 Percent

Hillary Clinton has finally announced that she will drop out —but not till Saturday. Thus Clinton departs as she campaigned, dragging it out to the last possible moment. After more than two months of daily odds-making, we sink Clinton to her final resting place of 0 percent . So it goes.

The last 36 hours felt like something out of the DSM-IV .Faced with defeat Tuesday night, Clinton gave a defiant speech with norecognition that Obama had locked up the nomination. Fans encouraged her to fight on .Late Tuesday, Clinton staffers were still spinning against the wind.Hillaryland went from professional campaign operation to alternatereality in which conventions are contested, skeletons emerge fromclosets, and superdelegates experience group epiphanies based on vagueelectability arguments.

But after Clinton held a conference call with top supporters Wednesdayafternoon, things wrapped up quickly. That evening, Clinton announcedshe would “express her support for Barack Obama and party unity” thisweekend. John McCain called Obama to congratulate him. The spin machine rested. …

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