Details on Larry Sinclair’s Arrest

It’s only fitting that the most bizarre press conference ofthis political season had an equally bizarre coda. Larry Sinclair, the man whoclaims to have had a naughty encounter with Barack Obama back in 1999, stood ata podium at the National Press Club, rattling off a litany of increasingly detailed minutiae about the incident before taking questions and exiting the building. He was arrested on his way out.

Sinclair’s rap sheet is well-documented .He has been charged with everything from larceny to theft to forgery, and drewa 16-year prison sentence in Coloradoin 1987. He was released in 1999. Now it looks like he’ll be facing a newcharge: Larceny, this time in Delaware.

Two members of the U.S. Marshals’ Regional FugitiveTask Force took him into custody after the press conference was over, sayshis lawyer, MontgomeryBlair Sibley . The extradition hearing was scheduled for late thisafternoon. If Sinclair gets bail, he can travel to Delaware himself to turn himself in toauthorities. If not, he’ll have to travel in federal custody.

Sibley said he believes someone tipped off the Delaware authorities. “Obviously,Larry’s presence in D.C. was not a surprise or secret,” he said. “They put twoand two together.”

He said he didn’t know the specific charge, but was told itwas some form of larceny.