Today’s “Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 12.6 Percent

The home stretch to Indiana and North Carolina is pocked by negativeads, indecisive polls, and last-minute revelations about Barack Obamaand the Teamsters. With an Indiana win within reach, Clinton’s chancesinch up 0.3 points to 12.6 percent .

Clinton gets a Monday-morning gift in today’s Wall Street Journal :Barack Obama reportedly told the Teamsters that he would reduce federaloversight of the union. An Obama spokesman confirmed to the WSJ that Obama believes the current oversight system has “run its course.” On Good Morning America , Obama denied having made a “blanket commitment” to scrap federal oversight, which was instituted in 1989 to settle a racketeering lawsuit by the Justice Department.Rather, he said, “the union has done a terrific job cleaning house,”and he’ll “examine” the issue as president. The Clinton camp todaycried hypocrisy—will he or won’t he? But Politico points to a similar statement made by Clinton that she would be “very open” to re-examining the decree . The issue won’t decide the primary, but John McCain’s ad team can probably squeeze a few spots out of it.

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