Today’s “Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 1.6 Percent

Obama won’t declare victory after Tuesday, but only because themedia will do it for him. Clinton’s chances sag another 0.1 point to 1.6 percent .

Despitereports that Barack Obama would declare victory after May 20, when he’sexpected to secure a majority of pledged delegates, he’s now expected to keep mum .The reason: Better to let Clinton exit with dignity than to appear tobe forcing her out of the race. This logic reflects the Obama camp’ssupreme confidence that the nomination is in the bag.

Media outlets seem to agree. Just look at today’s top New York Times headlines. “McCain To Rely on Party Money Against Obama” doesn’t even pretend not to know who the nominee will be. Another piece examines what a Clinton loss means for women: It’s either “a historic ifincomplete triumph or a depressing reminder of why few pursue highoffice in the first place.” Look for more postmortems after Tuesday’srace, barring a Clinton sweep.

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