The Rehnquist-Jackson Letters (II)

After noting yesterday that the Green Bag soon will publish young William Rehnquist’s long-lost Mikado parody, I’m pleased to point you to the full article , posted to SSRN today by author John Q. Barrett.

John’s done a crackerjack job: He accompanies the lyrics with detailed annotations and background material (on the court, Rehnquist, and Rehnquist’s lighter side). Better still, he includes a few fun photos of Rehnquist at work and at play in Robert Jackson’s chambers.

One of the photos features Rehnquist with his foot up on the desk, enjoying a smoke and a drink. It’s impossible to tell what he’s drinking, but because the photo predates 1975 , I can say with absolute certainty that it’s not a ” Miller’s Lite .”