Reader Contest: Obama Doomsday Scenarios

If yesterday’s primaries showed anything, it’s that the slings and arrows of the past few weeks—the Rev. Wright, the “bitter” comment, flag pins, and various other ‘gates—have not put a significant dent in Barack Obama’s chances. Meanwhile, a consensus is building that Clinton cannot win unless disaster strikes the Obama camp. But if Wright spewing nonsense about AIDS conspiracies doesn’t derail Obama’s candidacy, what will?

I’ve heard some pretty creative descriptions of what must happen to Obama or his campaign for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. Back in March, Politico wrote that “she cannot win unless Obama is hit by a political meteor.” Slate ’s John Dickerson writes that for Clinton to catch up now, “she must bring more states into the union.” In an episode of On the Media last month, Bob Garfield described one worst-case-scenario as “a video of Barack Obama in a motel room with a den of Cub Scouts setting fire to the American flag.” To which I added, “He has to be client number eight, pretty much.”

You can do better. What sort of out-there, long-shot, one-in-a-kajillion occurrences must happen to Clinton or Obama to bring about the Obamapocalypse and hand Clinton the nomination? Send your ideas here , and we’ll post the best ones later this week.