(Please Don’t) Play It Again, Sam

There’s a University of California-Berkeley alum in my household, and so we’re frequently inundated with promotional materials from the university.

Last week we received the latest issue of The Promise of Berkeley , a big glossy production designed to tout the accomplishments of members of the university community. The spring issue includes a piece promoting the close connections between Cal Berkeley and the U.S. government here in D.C. “A number of Berkeley’s faculty have held positions in past presidential administrations or worked closely with presidential candidates,” it boasts. And so The Promise of Berkeley asked six faculty members—”three from each side of the aisle”—to “reflect on their time in Washington, what’s at stake in the 2008 presidential election, and what Berkeley means to them.”

The Dems profiled are, not surprisingly, Chris Edley, Bob Reich, and Janet Yellen. The editors apparently had a more difficult time finding prominent Republican officials on their faculty: They chose Dan Schnur (a poli-sci lecturer who worked on McCain’s 2000 primary campaign), Sandy Muir (a speechwriter for Bush 41), and, you guessed it … John Yoo .

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