It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins Indiana

We’re hunkered down in Trailhead HQ watching the cable networks, and the coverage of the frozen Lake County results are striking for one reason, in particular: The pundits keep on chattering about something that doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter who wins Indiana we know that one of the candidates will by one or two points, at which point the delegate margin is neglibile. Indiana has 72 pledged delegates, 25 of which are allocated based on the statewide vote, and 47 of which are allocated based on proportions in each congressional district. There may be a delegate or two to swing in Lake County’s district, and there may be one or two up for grabs in the statewide total. Proof of this: NBC News has already allocated all but six of Indiana’s delegates.

We aren’t in Clinton’s war room right now, but we’ve got a feeling that those few delegates aren’t going to decide whether she drops out of the race tomorrow, next week, or next month.