“Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 1.6 Percent

Clinton is poised to sweep West Virginia, but Obama has finallysurged ahead in the most important contest of all: superdelegates. DockClinton half a point to 1.6 percent .

We’vebelieved for some time that the day Obama overtakes Clinton in thesuperdelegate count is the day Clinton throws in the towel. ButFriday was that day, and the towel is still there, mopping up theClinton campaign’s blood, sweat, and tears by the bucketful. Accordingto the Associated Press’ count ,Obama now has 277 supers to Clinton’s 271. It was the last metric inwhich Clinton was leading, and Obama’s momentum isn’t slowing any: Overthe weekend, he got seven supers to Clinton’s one. Clinton campaignChairman Terry McAuliffe still claims she’s within “striking distance” of the popular vote. But that’s onlyif you count Florida, Michigan, and now Puerto Rico, which doesn’t votein the general election. …

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